Sabtu, 11 Juli 2009

HTC Magic - Wonderful Business Tool and Entertainment Center

If you are looking for a handset with a multitasking capability and much more, HTC magic is just what the doctor ordered. The amazing interface, eye catching look and many more outstanding features of the HTC Magic makes it most coveted handset. It comes with incorporates Maps, Google Search, YouTube, Gmail and the like.

Physical Features: The weight of the HTC Magic is 116 gm and its dimensions are of 113 x 55 x 13 mm which makes this handset purely pocket friendly.

Camera Features: The 3.2 mega pixel camera along with the facility of auto focus helps you take photos of very high quality. It also gives video recording facility. The camera available in this HTC Magic allows you take photos of high resolution without any trouble whatsoever. This camera also has a program which allows you to stabilize your shots as you take photos on the go.

Recoding features: you can record video by dint of the same camera because of its multitasking capabilities. Its videos are of high quality.

Multimedia Features: The HTC Magic is well equipped with MP3 player. With the help of this MP3 player, you listen to a number of songs on the go. Almost all of your favorite songs are available in the library of this handset. All you are required to listen to your favorite songs is to scroll through the title of the song making use of the trackball, then pick a song of your choice and then click on that song.

3.2 inches LCD TFT touch screen: HTC magic comes with LCD TFT touch screen of 3.2 inches in size. It is compatible with the HVGA resolution of 320 x 480 pixels. This is wonderful for quality photographs.

Connectivity Options: HTC magic comes with a number of connectivity options. Some of the connectivity links include Bluetooth, HTC ExtUSB, Wi-Fi, GPRS and many more like them.

The overall features and appearance of the HTC Magic make it an outstanding handset by dint of which you can take care of your business and enjoy a little fun and pleasure whole day.

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