Jumat, 12 Juni 2009

Sony Ericsson X1 XEPERIA Silver – A Terrific Design

In this Sony Xperia X1, the customers will find everything that they except from a high end device. Various connectivity options have been facilitated and even a standard display of 480 x 800 resolution. The touch screen display has added more friendliness to the interface of this spectacular design. This mobile phone is perfectly designed and on sliding the device upward, a QWERTY keyboard is revealed. It is manufactured from brushed metal that is responsible for its hefty weight of 5.1 oz. when compared to other devices this Sony Xperia X1 is stunningly narrow.

What is inside the box?

The different accessories that have been packed in the box are:

The handset itself
USB cable
An extra stylus
An external memory card MicroSDHC of 4GB
AC adaptor
Stereo headphones
A standard battery of Li poli

Messaging option

Various options provided for messaging are also standard. The users can send text messages and picture messages to friends. For the purpose this device uses the email client of Windows Sony Xperia X1. The working of everything is perfectly fine and provides the desired level of performance. Some On screen Stock Mimo keyboards are also made available by this device but when using standard high resolution display, the use of physical keyboard is recommended.
Connectivity options

This Sony Xperia X1 acquires both quad band and tri band technology for ensuring the data transfer among the compatible devices. Other technologies supported by this unique set are wireless Bluetooth technology, inbuilt USB for pc synchronization, HSDPA and Wi-Fi techniques. The technique of Activesynch handles all file transfers among your phone and computer system. The option of outlook enables the users to make a backup of the sensitive data of your device while staying connected.

The customers can also exchange the data transfer over the air through the support of Exchange Server. A default browser is also embedded in this device, along with an Opera Sony Xperia X1 9.5 that provides the desired performance.

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