Senin, 08 Juni 2009

Blackberry 9500 vs HTC Touch HD

The HTC Touch HD is a wonderful mobile phone. It has a wonderful 3.8 inches screen which is way better than any other type of mobile phones. This actually is a huge touch screen. Actually the people who buy a HTC Touch HD will always be at loss, since the HTC Touch HD is actually same as the HTC Diamond essentially the same mobile phone with a much better and bigger mobile phone screen. It also has a better camera which has a resolution of 5 mega pixels for clicking a clearer and better picture.

htc touch hdOn the other hand is the super advanced mobile phone like the Blackberry 9500 mobile phone which has a screen with a moving capability and a screen which can be clicked to access the various functions of the Blackberry 9500 mobile phone. This means that the users can scroll through the phone’s menu by rubbing on the touch screen. To select an option, the users just have to press the option on the screen of the Blackberry 9500.

The HTC Touch HD gives a very different sensation which is not similar to any other mobile phones. The Blackberry 9500 is actually a much better than the HTC Touch HD.

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