Jumat, 12 Juni 2009

LG Viewty Red – A luxurious handset

The red color of this handset has made it popular among the female audience of whole world. It is not just a beautiful box rather it is equally luxurious from inside. Different multimedia features are incorporated in this beautiful LG KU990 will enforce you to buy this LG KU990.

Entertainment features

This handset provides a media player that keeps the customers fully entertained all the time; almost all media file formats have been supported by this media player. For kid users, a wonderful package of games has been also embedded in this LG KU990. To add more to adventurous nature, the significant option of customization is also made available. The users can easily download recent games from the internet by the support of Java applications.

Battery description

Battery life is of utmost importance; the battery equipped in this handset offers the talk time of3.8 to 5.9 hours. The standby time provided by this LG KU990 is of 430 to 450 hours.

For ensuring the wider network support, 3G technology is acquired by this device. The LG KU990 type is GSM 900, GSM 2100, GSM 1800, GSM 850 and GSM 1900. For surfing the internet, a browser is also provided that ensures a fast web connection. A complete package of “Google” is also provided for the customers. Users can search about any topic and can get any momentous information. The touch screen displays provides more friendliness with the interface of the device and the patrons can utilize the functionality to the maximum.

An integrated camera with huge pixels has been introduced with various options for altering the picture quality. A beauty mode is provided that will automatically detect the beautiful scenery and shoot out the pictures. Also there is an option if the user wants to capture a motion picture; by using Image Stabilization option, the customers can beatify their pictures by removing any kind of vogue impression. The customer can also write digitally in the picture that they have shot out. SmartLight option helps to click the pictures even in dull environment; night mode enables the customers to get a clearer picture during night.

The users can send SMS, MMS and e-mails to their friends at extremely fast speed. Another significant technique offered is T9 that provides great instant while typing the messages. Also the option of predictive text input allows quick entering of any input.

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