Minggu, 07 Juni 2009

Blackberry 9500 vs. Apple iPhone

As far as screen size is concerned the Blackberry 9500 has a 360 x 480 pixels high-resolution 3.2-inch touchscreen, which gives it a 4:3 aspect ratio. However the iPhone features a 320 x 480 touchscreen.

The Blackberry 9500 boasts of an excellent 3.2-megapixel camera, as compared to the iPhone’s two megapixel. So the Blackberry is sure to give some better results. Both Blackberry 9500 and iPhone offer several touchscreen keyboard options, including the normal QWERTY in landscape and portrait modes.

Both the phones provide GPS functionality and Touch Screen Navigation. Both handsets are 3G enabled and provide Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. However Blackberry 9500 function is better than the iPhone’s.For Internet access, Blackberry 9500 features HTML enabled web browsers as against Apple’s Safari.

The Blackberry 9500 features 1GB of internal memory, 128MB of flash memory along with 8GB expandable memory. The storage of iPhone is 16 GB, but allows no expansion.Both handsets support various audio formats including AAC, MP3, WAV and video format MPEG-4. Unlke iphone, Blackberry 9500 also supports WMA and WMA ProPlus audio formats. The audio and video performance of iPhone is good, however the Blackberry 9500 video and music playback is more wonderful.

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