Minggu, 07 Juni 2009

What’s so special In the Camera of LG KC910 Renoir?

Cameras in phones these days have become as basic as the phone’s main function of taking or making calls, and sending or receiving messages. LG KC910 Renoir, the camera focused phone launched by LG is definitely an addition to this trend. This phone fast come up as one of the most sought after phones in the market, due to its exceptional and technologically advanced features. LG KC910 Renoir is definitely the perfect phone, one that everyone wants to own!

The camera of this phone is the main highlight as it is of 8 mega pixels. LG KC910 Renoir also enjoys the proud feeling of being one of those rare phones that offer such a high mega pixel. Besides, this phone also has Xenon flash, which comes in handy when pictures have to be shot in dark surroundings, and need to be brightened up. LG KC910 Renoir gives pictures, which are almost of professional quality.

LG KC910 Renoir is also one of those few phones that is equipped with Schneider Kreuznach lens. This lens definitely improves the image quality a lot. Also, LG KC910 Renoir has interesting features such as that of automatic face, smile and blink detection of the subject.

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