Minggu, 07 Juni 2009

Functionality At Your Fingertips with the HTC Touch Diamond TouchFLO Interface

With the improved user interface of the HTC Touch Diamond, HTC has integrated more complex features to increase the functionality of the device. This has been achieved through the TouchFLO 3D user interface which has become the talk of the mobile phone industry. You can now navigate through the menus of the HTC Touch Diamond with a gentle swipe of your finger and the interface provides animated access to your contacts, pictures, music, messaging and more. Moreover, every time you press one of the icons on the Home screen of the HTC Touch Diamond, you come to a small submenu where you are presented further choices for navigation. So the 3D user interface offers easy and quick access thus increasing the functionality of the smartphone.

When you want to zoom in and out, it can be easily achieved through the Touch-pad of the HTC Touch Diamond. You can do this by touching and rotating your finger in either direction on the D-pad provided. The same can be achieved through the screen as well. The HTC Touch Diamond is provided with a magnetic stylus at the bottom of the device and when you pull it out, the Notes application opens up. This allows you to easily jot down all the information needed.

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