Sabtu, 27 Juni 2009

All Praise 3 Mobile INQ1 Handset

Mobiles have captured the communication market amazingly. Today, there are billions of mobile users and all of them smartly integrate one or the other advanced feature, in order to make it unique and give high sales price. However, 3 Mobile INQ1 is simple and unique of all.

The mobile is not only advanced in its features, but also compact and simply glaring to appear. 3 Mobile INQ1 has an impressive interface to take any one by stride, and not to mention about its flash-less 3.2-megapixel camera, which gives you nature perfect pictures, comparable to none.

And moreover, with a dedicated camera function button provided on the right hand side, it becomes pretty simple for the 3 Mobile INQ1 users to take the pictures at the comfort just one smooth click, and in addition can also attend to the calls.

Now that’s what you call multi tasking, and all this is made simple and easy in the 3 Mobile INQ1 styled gadget. Though you’d also be truly missing that Wi-Fi, but again this can be compensated with good battery life, along with Facebook, Skype and Windows Live integration. It’s a new avatar mobile phone, which is making people go for it. The mobile is great trendsetter.

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