Selasa, 09 Juni 2009

The Nokia N79 at a Glance

The new Nokia N79 is certainly one mobile phone you will certainly purchase proudly in the mobile phone stores. This phone has met all the standards that make a mobile phone to be one of the top selling mobile phones on the market today.

The Nokia N79 has added much beauty to the world of mobile phone technology. Although the phone may have some weaknesses in some areas, there are a lot of features on the mobile phone that will certainly impress you and the public in general.

The Nokia N79 has got a 3.5 inch display screen. The screen is of 640 x 360 pixels in screen resolution.The touch screen part of the mobile phone is also one great thing about the Nokia N97. The phone has got the tactile feedback of the touch screen which is certainly a great feature on the mobile phone.

The internet feature on the mobile phone that keeps your favorite internet page always open is another fascinating feature of the Nokia N79.

The mobile phone has also brought in one of the best communication networks which include; HSDPA, Wi-Fi and the new blue tooth stereo.The Carl Zeiss and DVD picture quality is one of the best functions of The Nokia N79 and its 5 megapixel camera.

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