Sabtu, 06 Juni 2009

Nokia 6300 Chocolate : A New Trend In Mobile Phones

Looking for a new stylish and sexy phone for yourself? Pamper yourself with the all-new Nokia 6300 Chocolate. This new phone by Nokia comes in a unique brown color, which is not very popular amongst other phones. Being a product of Nokia, you can always rely on its quality and performance. This Nokia 6300 is available in different colors such as white, silver, black and also red. However, Nokia 6300 chocolate is for those who wish to use their phone as a fashion statement. Lets us what this phone has to offer to its users. nokia 6300

Nokia 6300 Chocolate comes in a stylish stainless steel body with a chocolate case cover. The edges are rounded so as to provide you a better grip and the black finish adds to the beauty of the phone. It has been designed with sophisticated modern concept. The phone weighs just 91 gms and it is 13.1 mm thick. Although, it is not as slim as other latest phones by other companies but the features of the phone do let you ignore its thickness! Nokia 6300 Chocolate comes with a great MP3 player along with FM radio. This means you have the choice to listen to the latest hits or your all time favorite, on your phone. You can store all your favorite songs in this little gadget, as it comes with an option of expandable memory. It has got a crisp 2 inches 16 M QVGA display screen. This screen helps you navigate through the various functions of the phone with much convenience.

With the Bluetooth enabled Nokia 6300 Chocolate; you can easily transfer your files from your phone to your PC or vice versa. Nokia 6300 has got a 2-mega-pixel camera that will store your memories forever. This camera comes with a digital zoom and an integrated flash. You can use the sharp digital video to catch the action and switch modes. Nokia 6300 also has Java technology, which allows you to play vibrant games and you can download games and store them up in your handset. The best part of Nokia 6300 Chocolate is that it does not let you miss any text messages even if your inbox is full. This phone it has a technique that allows you to set your phone on an automatic option, which enables overwrite the older messages with the new ones. Nokia 6300 Chocolate is a phone for those who wish to have a stylish and sexy phone, loaded with all the latest features.

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