Sabtu, 06 Juni 2009

Sony Ericsson Z555i Rose Deals on O2, Orange and TMobile Networks

Sony z555i is known for their designing and redesigning natures. If anything launched by them don’t work they try to find the loopholes and come with a bang and new improvements. Sony Z555i phone has been designed keeping in mind the taste of people for such designed phone. Hence they preferred to keep the color black. The phone has features which are tempting in nature. The Sony Z555i is smart phone which has some mind blowing characteristics in it. The new features embedded in this phone are its diamond design, black color and some changes in features. There is no doubt about the quality and features of this phone, because Sony has given us various models which have smoothened our life a lot and also entertained us to the fullest.

The Sony Z555i is a smart phone though its not equipped with 3G, Thats because of intelligence features like wave sensitivity or gesture control. Suppose your alarm goes of a little early and you want to stop it. Just wave your hand in a particular direction and the alarm stops automatically. The tri band Sony Mobile phone has dimensions of 95 x 49 x 16.5 mm and weighs only 95 g. This is quite a light weight phone and it runs well in 900/1800/1900 frequency. He display of the screen is 1.9 inches and its TFT with resolution of 176X220 pixels. These features might be giving you the impression that th e phone is not that much capable of doing some useful functions or that is a very general phone. But wait! Lets explore all the functions and see how being such feeble in some areas this phone called Sony Mobile Phones is strong enough to perform certain functions.

The phone has memory of 10 MB and there is card slot for memory extension. Sony Mobile phone is equipped with GPRS, EDGE and WAP Browser. Thus if you want you can browse the web without any tension. Then it has Bluetooth and USB port to carry the functions of connectivity and file or data transfer. Besides that Sony Mobile Phones has a 1.3 MP camera with auto focus and video recording. Then you have FM radio, organizer and 8+ hours of talk time.

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