Sabtu, 06 Juni 2009

The Desirable Samsung i8510

The Samsung i8510 is the solution for all the multimedia needs. It is a phone with a difference and lot of features in it. Free i8510 is bundled with some supreme technology and no doubt that it works on the Symbian platform. With the Symbian interface the Free i8510 gives Nokia a tough challenge.

The camera quality of the phone is superb and it can capture the videos at 120 frames per second. The built-in GPS helps in navigation pretty easily and the speed of the internet is much faster because of the 3G capability and HSDPA. Even Wi-Fi can also be used in the Free i8510 and this makes it a complete storehouse of bundled technology. On the part of the music the Free i8510 contains the FM radio in it.

The sound quality is also superb with no interference at all. On the other hand, it also contains support for DivX movies which makes it a compatible phone for all movie formats. The talk time of the phone is around 300 minutes and the standby time is 330 hours approximately. Overall, free i85109 has made a great phone which has all the features included in it without any doubt.

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