Minggu, 07 Juni 2009

LG KT520 with heavy duty battery

Strong battery back up is something that we all expect from a good mobile phone. The latest mobile phone LG KT520 has a long battery life. The device is furnished with Li-Ion type battery that has long talk time and standby life. If you have excessive use of LG KT520 then you shout opt for the gizmo as it has long talk time life up to 3.33 hrs and 200 mins. Standby life of the battery is as much as even days or 260 hrs. Long battery life and internet option makes LG KT520 an ideal choice for businessmen. For fast internet connectivity it is furnished with Telco Obigo Browser. There are two more multimedia facilities, Bluetooth and USB.

LG KT520 is a camera mobile phone that has 3.2 mega pixel cameras with digital zoom. By mean of this camera you capture stand still located at far distance. Multimedia player is also another beautiful attribute of LG KT520 that allows you to play both types of songs, visual and MP3. It is an MPG4, H, 263 video player that gives you unmatchable voice clarity. This music player support s both MP3 and AAC. Recording and speaker phone are added advantages offered with the gizmo.

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