Sabtu, 06 Juni 2009

Sony Ericsson G700 : The Multi Talented Phone

In case of mobile phones when you hear the name Sony Ericsson G700 you have some kind of trust on it. The name Sony has earned its fame due to their dedication to serve us with the most advanced technology of mobile phones. They had won hearts of millions with their Walkman Series or iPhones. Now this February in 2008 they have showcased another model which is full of new ergonomics. Off late there has been tough competition among mobile phone manufacturers and Sony was waiting for the Barcelona Event.

They have launched a powerful touchscreen phone called Sony Ericsson G700. They are new models from the power house which has been known for their ergonomics blend with style and substance. The features of Sony Ericsson G700 are quite impressive and you will really like this mid range phone which has features more or less equivalent to high end models of other brands. Lets browse the specifications of Sony G700 and see what lies in store and how far they can catch our imagination. The software enhancement, body structure (dimensions), color, and the looks make the phone an adorable piece. The dimensions of the phone are 106 x 49 x 13 mm and it weighs just 99g. The phone is lighter and smarter than its previous models like UIQ phone. Thus its more pocket friendly.

The touchscreen and directional controls of Sony Ericsson G700 is smart enough to detect the touch of your finger and stylus. The customization panels can make your access to applications and organizer more easy then before. You can access the function quickly. If you suffer from quick memory loss and get all the time beatings from your girlfriend then take this phone which can have stick a note on its screen and you can even access it through SMS and MMS. The Manufacture has specifically targeted people like us who forget the days work and stay tuned to other works. Now whenever you look at the screen you can remember what you have to do.
Thus Sony Ericsson G700 is the ultimate device. You also have a powerful multimedia, 3.15 MP camera, GPRS, EDGE and other technologies attached with the phone.

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