Minggu, 07 Juni 2009

Nokia N97 is an ideal choice for internet users

Nokia has become a domestic name in mobile arena. This time, mobile giant has launched Nokia N97 which can replace a computer, desk-top or laptop. Nokia N79 claims that it is the worlds most up dated computer mobile phone that allows you connect with your friends even walking down or traveling. No doubt, Nokia N97, is a computer savvy model that comprises a larger then usual display screen of 3.5”. The mobile phone is easy to operate as it is offered with a touch screen display with a QWERTY key-board. This QWERTY keyboard is a friendly service allows to type without damaging your delicate fingers. Nokia N97 is a complete pack where you will find multiple sensors, huge memory volume, good connecting speed and processing power.

With Nokia N97 you get internet and entertainment features together. This ultra modern gadget allows you to access friends, news, and social network just by clicking the home screen of the mobile phone. It is truly a treat to delectate games and news on 16.9 wide screen display. The mobile phone is also fabulous choice for browsing internet and viewing some steamy flash videos. The Nokia N97 is offered with expandable memory up to 16 GB. For this expandable memory space a micro-SD card slot is given in the mobile phone.

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