Sabtu, 06 Juni 2009


Samsung i900 Mobile Phone is also known as Samsung Omnia. It has created waves among the whole range of mobile phones because of its advanced features. It has been given its name Omnia because it is a Latin word which means everything. It is manufactured for those people who want to have much more functions in their mobile phones. i900 Mobile Phone is a slim and stylish phone that attracts everyone. It comprises of all those features that makes it a sophisticated and decent phone. It fulfills all the needs of its user including personal as well as professional.

Samsung i900 Mobile Phone has an advanced Wi-Fi connectivity with all the multimedia functions in it. It has a Bluetooth connection that proves to be very useful in wireless transfer of data and other office documents. Other features include the GPRS system that helps you to find the way to your destination. Moreover its speed of 7.2 Mbps makes it a wonderful smart phone. Apart from this i900 Mobile Phone has an appreciable memory of 8 gigabytes. It has a MicroSD card slot where you can insert an extra card to increase the storage capacity. Overall it can be said that one should use i900 Mobile Phone because it is fully capable of adding colors to your life.

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