Jumat, 12 Juni 2009

Samsung Armani – An Amazing Handset

Samsung has achieved great admiration and popularity among the audience throughout the world for manufacturing much advanced handsets. In Samsung M7500 customers will find everything that they desire from it.


The users can easily transfer the data among different compatible devices. GPRS technique, class 10 directs the data transfer among several devices at the speed of 32 to 48 mega bytes per second. EDGE technology has been also made available for the same. A much advanced technique of data transfer named Bluetooth technology has been also provided that makes certain to transfer data files among the different devices. Inbuilt USB makes it possible to connect the Samsung M7500 device with other machines like laptop or personal computer. A web browser named WAP xHTML makes the task of downloading new games and wallpapers from the internet easier. This browser also enables the users to navigate the different websites and finding useful information regarding any subject like travel information etc. The support of Java MIDP applications provides great assistance for downloading purpose.

This handset is the slimmest and thinnest mobile phone among all Samsung M7500 that are available in the marketplace. Perfect combination of steel and aluminum provides really a startling and astonishing appearance to this mobile. For protecting the screen from any kind of scratches, various carrying cases made up of leather have been also supplied in the market. Beneath the display screen, send and receive keys have been outfitted and then comes the touch screen display that is the real beauty factor of this mobile device. This mobile phone has everything that a user demands like good quality pictures, integrated camera, Bluetooth technology, music and video recording.

The other name of this phone is Samsung M7500 PS20. The music player of this mobile will never let you to feel bored and monotony despite of hectic working environment. To add more to music features, a FM radio is also equipped in this handset with radio data system (RDS) feature for enlightening the users with current updates. An intelligent technique of T9 is also embedded in this device that provides speedy and straightforward entry of any input. The other momentous features that are incorporated in this Samsung M7500 are synchronization with PC, MS outlook, Synch ML, digital player and many more. For ensuring fast delivery of e mails, the protocols acquired are SMTP, POP3 and IMAP.

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